When we go for shopping and it can be from buying a car to tooth paste. Selection is been the toughest problem for human being. Some people are very weak in selecting good products against bad ones and they always look for friend to help them out. Some are lucky enough to pick and select the right one instantly or with less effort and analysis. Other people think picking or selection right thing is somewhat relate to luck or sixth sense.

My opinion there is no sixth sense exists. It is a myth evolving around from centuries. I think it is power of mind to calculate and analyze the thing quickly with facts and figure stored somewhere in logs of mind. Decisions which astonished us after their execution, actually we don’t remember facts behind them, all decision we made cannot be possible without information stored in our mind. We don’t remember when that information has been stored. We might have from some other person when doing general talk or may be from TV or from some book or newspaper or we might know from our childhood but never exercise them.

Today is time for gadgets, and there are possible gadgets which can behave like shopping friend and can help in buying products. We are already talking help from Google to search right product or information online. We always look for reviews from CNet and other sites before purchasing anything. But that can be possible till now on internet. Cell phones are taking place of PC and giving us opportunity to help us during purchase from shopping store and malls. They already given us opportunity to take pictures and make videos anywhere without carrying separate gadgets for these. But our cell phones are not yet smart to help suggesting us, they can but you need to open up browser within cell phone and open relevant product website.
There is one new gadget is coming which might be integrated with cell phone later (I wish it should be soon). It is device to hang in neck contains camera, projector, colored caps on finger, cell phone to get information from internet, and mirror to use with projector.

Sixth Sense Gadget

Sixth Sense Gadget

It has basic concept of Microsoft surface but work on any surface even on your hand. Colored caps help to perform action. If you make your both hand as rectangle like taking shot, camera will take the picture automatically. If you switch on projector, it will show taken pictures on any surface and then again by hand action you can zoom in and out or rotate pictures.
Most important feature is getting relevant information about product or help to select among options. Pointing with finger will enable attached cell phone to send information of product and search related information. Like if you go to library and take out one book from shelf and point your one of colored cap to bar code, attached cell phone will go to Amazon and get more information about that product i.e. how much it cost, reviews from other readers etc.

Basic research on this has been done in MIT lab and they came up with product shown above.

Isn’t that will be amazing if all of this get within our cell phone in future? Then what we call it Smart Phone? Na I don’t think so, I think we should call them ingenious phones.
For more details look at MIT Media Lab

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