Philips has demonstrated the 2nd contemporaries of its Wake-up Light. The demonstration was carried out at IFA 2008. On the other side, Dutch consumer electronics brand Lenco is also exhibiting a multi-colored advance on the similar idea. Both lights are configured to mimic the natural action of awakening with the sunlight. Hopefully, make it little bit more comfortable to in awakening up and getting out of bed in the morning.


A recent survey directed by Philips revealed that 9 out of ten consumers accepted to hitting the short sleep button on their alarm clock prior to make them ready to awake and come out of bed. To treat this matter, the Wake-up Light is a morning simulator that wakes you in a natural style with artificial sunlight. The body is lightly awakened the way nature does. It begins from almost half-hour before your demanded wake-up time. It starts giving off light which step by step gains in intensity level. It works as if simulating the coming up sun in your sleeping room. The main aim is that your body will be lightly arisen to awaken. In this way you will be freshened up and more vigilant when you at last open your eyes.

The first edition of the Philips Wake-up Light was brought out in 2006. It was a slightly less conventionalized designing. Its new ergonomic pattern signifies that it is now smaller in size. The good thing is that the light strength is made sufficient to employ as an eco-friendly reading light making use of the energy saving light bulb.

The Lenco Wellness Clock Radio adopts a same principal. However it uses an orb figure and different colors. The 7-color rainbow light dome also has the choice to wake to a bell, the radio, or three dissimilar tunes. To assist you awaken, the light on the dome comes into being when your alarm speaks. The clock radio has liquid crystal display. A Neodym speaker and alloy speaker grill for a best sound reproduction. It is power-driven by two AAA electric batteries.

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