American scientists say that it could be very useful to use animal faeces as a fuel source. Through this fuel-source energy could be produced especially in the form of electric power. It is also being claimed that if it be done this would generate three percent of the energy needs of the whole North America.

A research work is going on in the Institute of Physics journal Environmental Research Letters. It is reported that this process would also have many additional benefits especially relating environmental concerns. The animal excreta would also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

This study is first of its own type. In this research study is being made to check it out that how much electric power could be produced by taking animal excreta as a fuel source.
If this animal waste is left to decompose in a natural way, nitrous oxide and methane are the two gases which are omitted from this substance.The scientists carried out their research in two ways and then compared both of them for their energy savings and GHG reducing benefits.In the first way they burn the coal to generate energy. In these way animal excreta is left to decompose naturally. This is the process commonly adopted and happening around the world.

The second way is to pass the animal manure through anaerobic digestion process. Through this biogas is produced. And this gas is burnt to make up coal.This anaerobic digestion process is same to the process adopted to create compost which is used as a fertilizer. By these process animal excreta is converted into biogas. This biogas is full with energy. And then micro turbines are used to generate electric power.

The researchers also fully calculated the amount of energy that could be generated in America through this process. They said that there is a big number of livestock inhabiting the United States of America. This is enough to generated approximately 100 billion KWH of electric power. This is sufficient to fulfill the electric requirements of homes and offices.

Dr. Michael Webber and Amanda Cuellar are the two senior researchers in the University of Texas at Austin. They said that the research going on biofuels received much criticism due to many reasons especially regarding environmental concerns. Contrary to biofuels, biogas provides less controversial benefits. The reason is that an existing waste substance is used in it rendering the positive effect on environment and helping in improving it.

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