A new hydrogen refueling station has been introduced by the ITM – British company. The company is leading innovator within the alternative energy source industries. This station could be installed in the home and would be a best alternative to visiting a petrol station.

To comply with this new technology hydrogen-powered cars are also going to set in production. The interesting thing about this is that this could also be used for heating and cooking purposes.

It is always said and proved by scientists that Hydrogen could be used as an alternative energy source to other fossil fuels originated from carbon.

The question is that why not fuel-cell vehicles became so popular and highly used so far. The answer is due to the lack of hydrogen fuelling stations. Now with the release of this station it would get much better in the future.

Hydrogen could not be used directly as a fuel in this system. It needs some processes and other energy sources to get it in useable form.

While some scientists are hopeful of the fuel uses of hydrogen, many others are skeptical because it is inefficient to produce, expensive to transport and to convert into electricity.

When we ask the scientists about this new hydrogen-station they give two views over it. one group says we are hopeful and expecting good results by the fuel uses of hydrogen. Whereas other group shows some doubts about the feasibility of the project. They say that it would be inefficient to produce and cost much on transportation and its conversion into electric power.

The most important functioning part of the station is an electrolyser. This electrolyser works to produce hydrogen gas from water and electricity.

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