Scientist has successfully achieved to derive stem cells from the skin of an eighty two year old patient suffering from ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Through this the scientists have found a new method to study the degenerative motor disease. It will also help them to test new treatment drugs. Finally this new technique will bring a new revolution in cell-replacement therapies.

All this was achieved when scientists were using new techniques on the patient to reprogram adult cells to make them pluripotent. When cell is made pluripotent it means that it could be made any type of the cell in the body.

The researchers have been working to make stem cells from patients since a long time. They were trying so because they believe that this will help them in better understanding the disease. Actually the cells hold the genes of the disease from which the patient is being suffered. If those cells could be taken out they can be examined in the laboratory to understand the disease in different ways. This was stated by Kevin Eggan, who is working as a stem-cell scientist at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and contributed much of his useful work in this research.

The latest technique developed by scientists in Japan was used by the researchers in their work to create the stem cells. That technique was developed in such a way that it doesn’t require human eggs or creation or destruction of embryos. This resolved many problems that have plagued the research work in the field of embryonic stem-cell.

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