Scientists succeeded to develop a technology which would be very useful in the research work being made on penguin lives. According to the news this new technology will monitor the movement of the endangered penguins without disturbing their private lives.

The researchers working in the University of Bristol have done that job. By adopting this new technology scientists would be able to get all the information they needed from far away. They will receive the information about population sizes and species. This data will be collected without chasing the animals.

The scientists were researching on the African penguins of South Africa’s Robben Island for previous some period. The new system was the result of that research work.

The system basically works through cameras. These technological cameras automatically locate the penguins, trace them out and follow them. The black spots on the chests of the penguins have a key role in this whole system. Cameras actually follow these spots and differentiate between different penguins through these black spots.

The new and latest biometrical identifying system works behind to locate and recognize penguins through the different shapes and arrangements of the black spots on the chests of the African penguins. This biometrical identifying system is the same as used on passports having biometric bands.

Researchers working on this system also told that they tested this system on other species and found it successful. They tested it on zebras and sharks as we all know that zebras have lines on his body and each zebra differ in his pattern with other zebra. This system can be used and extended to monitor all other animal creatures.

Dr. Tilo Burghardt who is the scientist working in Bristol University said that their team strongly believe and expect that this newly invented technology will help much the biologists to locate, identify and monitor big number of species through amazingly cheap, easy and automatic mean which was not possible before.

Professor Peter Bartham, who is the founder and main player in the research work made on this technology, said that once this system is taken into practice you will see that the ecologists and conservationists would get amazing results. This would be the revolution in getting population data in good precision, quantity and quality.

The animals will also get benefit from this new system. Because in this system neither the animals are disturbed nor chased; they are also neither captured nor marked by which they often get side effects.

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