LG Electronics has become one step closer to launch serial production of mobile phones with next-generation communications chips. At the exhibition of mobile technology in North Korea, the company demonstrated a microchip that will allow 8-fold increase in the speed of wireless data networks. The so-called “fourth-generation technology” (4G) is under development and, as analysts suggests, should be a direct competitor to WiMax. The introduction and development of 4G networks is open to users of cellular phones, high-speed web surfing.

Now the company is developing 4G modem, and will shortly be running a test wireless network. According to company representatives, the first phone will be available to customers in 2010. 4G networks will allow to download data at speeds of 60 Mbps. At the moment the technology is considered the fastest HSDPA, in which the maximum download speed available is 7.6 Mbps. It will take less than one minute to 4G mobile phone users to download a 700 MB movie from the Internet.

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