The most interesting addition in Apple iPhone 3GS with OS 3.0 is that it can be used as a navigation device and the navigation application is powered by TomTom. This Dutch company is specialized in the production of car navigation systems and software for them. For iPhone TomTom announced a special application (more iPhone resources unlock iphone 3g ), and it will make full use of GPS phone capabilities. The software can display maps in 2D, and 3D mode. In addition, there may be portrait and landscape modes, in which the content are displayed automatically. It comes with its stand for the phone. In the night mode, brightness of the display will be lowered so that it may not distract the driver’s concentration. TomTom also provided electricity for the iPhone and also enhanced the GPS signal capacity. Presumably this will be achieved through an integrated GPS antenna to the pedestal. The developers have not forgotten about the fact that iPhone is still a phone while running the navigation application, and as it is equipped with a microphone soit can be used for hands free conversation.

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