The G1’s touchscreen is much responsive as we experienced in the Apple’s devices. The G1 also features some useful introductions. This includes press and hold feature which could be used to drag icons and photos from one place to another in the phone. It also has a useful magnifying glass. It, as you know, could be used to drag across web pages in order to increase the size of any specific section of the screen.

The functionalities presented on the G1 are the same as we saw on the iPhone. You can enlarge web pages by simply pressing your fingers on the screen. The movement on the screen is very simple whether your are making calls, sending email, chatting, browsing on net, searching through contacts and calendars. All these functionalities are just a single click or press of a finger away. The same experience which you get on the iPhone.

It also features a music player on it. It takes music tracks from iTunes and runs MP3 files. It will launch in the UK soon. The phone will be featuring a removable 2GB memory card in it. It will have the capacity to store hundreds of song files in it.

The major difference between the two devices is certainly the openness of Google’s Operating System. This system is known as Android. This is the system through which tech-heads would be able to design ‘widgets’ for the phone.

G1 is the first phone that is having Android. It is a very good achievement. But still iPhone is having an edge over G1.

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