In this article you will came to know that how the new mobile from Google meets its main rival, Apple’s iPhone. It is expected to release in the month of November and will be on the shelves of the UK’s stores.

It is recently launched by Google and T-Mobile. Both of them didn’t mention the name of its big rival (iPhone), but anyone who picks up G1 can know easily that it is iPhone’s competitor. It will be the search giant’s first mobile phone.

Now we will look at the features of the G1 mobile phone. First of all it has a shape like a phone which is not in the case of its rival. It is having red and green call buttons which are common and compulsory in every phone. It also has ‘back’ and ‘home’ buttons; these are meant to use in case of any mistake in operation of the functions. Tracking ball is also there as we see in Blackberry. This is functional and can be used as a mouse if anybody feels confused to use touchscreen systems.

There is one big difference. It is its QWERTY keypad. It is not on the front; it comes out when the screen is slid to its side. The buttons appear to be small in size but do not cause mistake while using as compared to iPhone’s keypad. Now we come to its size; it is heavier and bigger in size as compared to its rival Apple iPhone. It is also not much attractive in appearance.

Technology wise it is good and could be graded even better in many perspectives when compared to iPhone. For example it is fast working while downloading from the internet. Its camera results are also much attractive. Despite of all these good things it lacked great admiration which we saw when Apple announced its device last summer.

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