Single click would add up new data to the GIS map and the latest information is on the desktop. Before the creation of this new GIS maps, Kaye has to adopt a difficult task of searching different sites to get the required weather updates. She says;

“To be able to access all that data at once would really be useful — make things much smoother”

That becomes more critical when it is a matter of lives.

The new method will enable the user to see National Weather Service (NWS) data on maps. In this method, GIS – Geographic Information System – software is used, which is customized to provide the vital information to firefighters, emergency planners and farmers. The information coming from different resources can be layered up; this will be at the top of the map showing a comprehensive picture of the whole matter. In any disaster situation, the affected and relating people must have immediate access to the updates; that would be possible by that software. This software is integrated with programs named by intelligent agents. These programs are helpful to the mobile devices in working swiftly even if they cannot get at wireless information. These agents fully monitor the network connections, and retrieve and save information all the time especially if any interruption occurs in connection; this saves the loss of information. Such programs are not dependant of any specific arrangement; they can be run on any mobile device, any network can be used for it. Moreover the specific network designed for it can be created for this system during the disaster when all other arrangement fails to work.

Weather is the basic factor in wild fires; especially drought which dries out all the vegetation. Dry leaves, trees, underwoods and grassy fields can cause and spread the fire more easily than anything else. The more fuel the more wildly the fire would spread. Long drought dry the vegetation very much, in such case the fire eats up swiftly and it became difficult to contain it. This big fire also evaporates the moisture in the surrounding green trees, which causes them to burn also. Wind also causes the fire to spread swiftly; not only spreads but also provide the fresh air filled with oxygen to the fire to burn.

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