A new Window Mobile Trojan has been discovered by F-Secure Security Laboratory. This has been given a name of “Infojack” and is also known as Trojan WinCE/InfoJack. This is a new and first discovery for mobile devices. Earlier, a number of donwloaders for PCs has been released, but for mobile devices it is the first discovery. InfoJack is a strong Trojan and can seriously affect windows mobile devices. This worm leaks information from mobile to a home server when the user connects it to the internet. This worm can affect the security of the device by changing its settings also. It affects the installation procedure and causes all software installations to complete without asking to apply the safety precautions.

Trojan: Wince/InfoJack is malicious software having multiple parts. Its first part attaches and affects .cab installation files. These files are having the software like games, mapping software and others like that. InfoJack affects the device quietly and waits till it is connected to internet. When the mobile device is connected to internet; it starts functioning and connects to the home server. InfoJack finds its additional parts and download them for its greater functionality. Beside this, it also leaks information and transfers it from mobile device to the server. It is having the functionality of changing the security settings of the device. The new installations do not ask for safety precautions and complete the process without it; which could be dangerous.

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