If I would say that we would be able to drive on air in some years what would you say? It is not fantasy saying it is possible. The future vehicles would be powered by compressed air, rather than gasoline or diesel fuel.Yu-Ta Shen and Yean-Ren Hwang are the two researchers working on that technology. They belong to the National Central University (Taiwan). They succeeded in developing an air-powered motorcycle. They motorcycle will use compressed air for its energy instead of gas to drive the motor.

Hwang told that Taiwan is a populous country; pollution is a big problem there. He told that approximately 20% of the air pollution comes from motorcycles. This pollution is having carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons. The emissions coming out of the motorcycles and scooters are more dangerous than coming out of the cars.

The only thing which will come out of the motorcycle’s tailpipe will be air. The large-scale adoption of these new motorcycles would clean up the big percentage of pollution in Taiwan. Taiwan is the country where motorcycles are the most popular transporting vehicles. This new technology will also be a big thing for other places of the world where motorcycles are mostly used for transportation.

However the use of energy could not be eliminated from these new motorcycles. It will require energy for the compression of the air; this compressed air will be used to power the engine. The pollution generated in this way will depend on the compression plants.

The presently introduced model (prototype) is able to carry more than two and a half gallons of compressed air. This air would be enough to drive the motorcycle to three-quarters of a mile.

In the future models, capacity will be increased three to four times by increasing the size of the tank. The maximum pressure which the tank would be able to hold will be made greater in degree. By this the bike will travel a distance of almost 20 miles. After that it will require a refill. This was told by Hwang. This capacity would be enough to for the requirements in the city. To refuel the bike an air compressor would be required. It will be done by establishing fueling stations.

The information about this new creation was published in the journal Applied Energy.

Other experts doing the research work on air-powered technology for vehicles do not agree that employment of this new technology in bikes would be the best option.

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