These scientists do not think it’s a feasible product. They describe the reason that a very limited amount of compressed air could be put on a bike. This was said by Shiva Vencat. He is Executive Vice President of MDI, Inc. in New Paltz, N.Y. and CEO of Zero Pollution Motors.

Vencat told that they have made a vehicle that will address the consumer market. He said that it is not a motor bike. The detail information about that vehicle could not be released at the moment. Briefly it would be a smaller vehicle. It will replace the motorcycles rightly in many countries like Taiwan where bikes are very much in use.

Zero Pollution Motors programs to introduce a new car in the U.S. market. It would be six-seated air-powered car. The company is competing in the Automotive X Prize race which will be held next year in September. That vehicle will be introduced after that competition. That X Prize is offering $10 million prize. This will be given to a marketable vehicle if it exceeds a fuel economy of 100 miles per gallon.

The cars manufacturing by ZPM runs of compressed air only below the speed on 35 miles/hr. if the speed exceeds, it burns fuel to warm up the air. This expands the air and enables the car to run on less air per mile. Few amount of this expanded air also returns back to the air tank. It recharges the compressed air supply.

This mechanism keeps working at the speed more than 100 miles/gallon. This was told by Vencat. The vehicles having 8-10 gallon fuel tank, the vehicles can travel 800-1000 miles distance.

The motor can also be employed as a compressor to refill the air tank. It can be done by plugging it. Vencat says that that the number of fueling stations will increase with the increase of the car adoption.

One best thing about these fuelling stations is that they can be established in open fields and also in public areas such as malls. The security measures which are necessary for the gasoline stations are not required in these compressed air stations. This was told by Vencat.

ZPM announced that they will start the manufacturing of these air-fuelled cars at the end of 2010 or start of 2011.

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