BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. Memory (RAM) commonly uses this system. BIOS is pronounced as BYE-OSE. BIOS is present in every computer system. It is responsible for having all information of the system (hardware).

In fact BIOS is a chip consisting of electronic circuit. This circuit encapsulates the set of instructions. These BIOS instructions are utilized when operating system start operating. BIOS is located on the motherboard. The basic and important function of the BIOS is to provide instructions and lines to POST. POST stands for power on self test. This test is responsible for providing the information to operating system that necessary devices are attached or not.

BIOS also provides the information to Operating System that how to tackle or interact Memory and Hard Drives. BIOS configurations can be set by going to bios set up. Each system can have different BIOS setup features. BIOS can be reinstalled.

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