Memories in computer are of two types.
1. Permanent Memories
2. Temporary Memories.
This topic will describe us about Temporary Memories. Memories are the places where data is storedfor time being in order to run the application. These memories are of several types according to technology and structure. But all are developed to enhance the speed of the computer.
Latest Memories Modules
a) SIMM (Single In-line Memory Modules)
SIMM is type of Temporary Memory that is inserted on PCB. SIMMs are made in order to store a unique and single row D-Random Access Memory and BEDO chips.
b) DIMM (Double In-line Memory Modules)
As SIMMs allow unique and one row and DIMMs allow double rows to transfer data. These are also inserted on PCB. DIMMs consists of 168 pins and these are able to transfer 64 bit chunks per second.

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