Folks who can’t use their hands would be soon facilitated by a new way to operate the technology. This would be Georgia Tech’s Tongue Drive System. This method uses a little tongue embed joined with sensors inside the mouth to work as a joystick.

This technology item would be more functional than sip-and-puff devices available in the market; as you know that Sip-and-puff technology is a method which is used to transmit signals to a device through air pressure. It will be low cost as compared to the advanced eye tracking arrangements. The tongue is a very significant part of the body it controls taste and words, helps kiss and eat up and defends microbes.

Now scientists desire to bring extraordinary more power to the mouthy muscle. They want to make it a computer control pad. Georgia Tech researchers are making a research on a magnetic, tongue-powered arrangement. It is said that it would be made to transform a disabled person’s mouth into a practical computer. Teeth will be turn into a keyboard whereas tongue will act as the key controlling the entire system. This would render full hold over the environment by just moving the tongue. It is said by Maysam Ghovanloo who is a Georgia Tech assistant professor. He also chairs the team’s research.

This group’s Tongue Drive System makes the tongue to use it similar to a joystick. This will allow the disabled persons in controlling wheelchairs, handling home appliances and manipulate computers. This work needs many more advancements. Particularly to talk about its design as one potential user named it “grotesque”. However early trials are exhortatory.

This arrangement is far from the first that seeks afresh method to manipulate electronic devices by movements of the face muscles. But disabled advocates are fully hopeful that the tongue could be the most efficacious mean. This may render you an almost endless number of switches and choices to carry out communication. It is said Mike Jones who is a V.P. of research and technology at the Shepherd Center, an Atlanta rehabilitation hospital.

He said that this system is easy to use and person would learn an entirely different language by it. That’s rather a contrast to some of the techniques already being used by many Americans who had received disability from the neck down.

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