World’s fastest supercomputer has been produced. This $100 million machine practically performed 1,000 trillion calculations in one second in repeated and sustained tests for different applications. This big technological discovery has been made by the joint scientific research work of Los Alamos National Laboratory and IBM Corp.

This high-speed computer will be primarily used for nuclear weapons work like simulating nuclear explosions. A part of the software is said to be developed in Austin.

This supercomputer is given a name of Roadrunner. This machine can work twice speedily to the IBM’s earlier release of Blue Gene System, which is working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This Blue Gene System is also tested as three times faster than any other supercomputer of the world. From here you can estimate how speedy is this machine?

Thomas D’Agostino, who is the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration, said that this system is extremely speedy. We would be able to solve big problems by that system. Thomas D’Agostino is currently supervising the nuclear weapons research and maintaining the warhead stockpile.

It is also said that this system could be used in the fields of civil engineering, medicine and science also. This can perform the tasks of making biofuels and engineering and designing of more fuel-efficient cars. This could also be used in the financial industry.

The speed of computer can be illustrated with an example. It is estimated that the amount of work completed by the 6 billion population of the world after 46 years by working 24 hours a day by using a hand-held-computer is equal to the work completed by that computer in one single day. This is extremely high speed.

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