Polaroid Company is famous not only for its sun-protecting goggles, but the fact that she invented instant cameras shooting. In the 80’s and 90’s of the last century it was the real deal! Clicking on the slope – and then left shot, which was manifested in the world after just fifteen minutes. The phrase «lift at Polaroid» in those years was as prevalent as «do Xerox». Over the years the glory of these cells was – people have moved to more interesting digital techniques. Last year, Polaroid introduced a portable photo printer + cam PoGo, and at CES 2009 – the world’s first camera, capable of printing snapshots! Like the printer, the Polaroid camera “PoGo” uses special paper and technology by «Zero Inc» company ZINK. This makes the camera ready to photograph without a field size of 2×3 inches within minutes after you press the shutter release button. The camera is easy to manage and made a calculation to provide the user device for the minimum (in this case – $ 200) money in order to earn money by selling supplies (tapes of paper). It is equipped with

• 3-inch LCD Display
• SD Memory Card for Storage
• All that this cam is able to do – is to remove the effect of «red eye»
• Zoom is only available digitally
• Power cord
• Carrying Case
• Battery charger
• A cassette with 10 sheets

On solving the matrix, company remain silent, but not hard to guess that it is low (most likely used by 2 or even 1.3-megapixel sensor). With a full battery charge, according to the manufacturer, it is enough to capture 75 frames with the flash and print 20 pictures.

The stated price of tapes is 5 dollars for a tape with 10 sheets. For 13 dollars you can buy a cassette with 30 sheets. It’s doubtful that the camera will appear in the general sales conditions soon all over the world.

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