I think “Quantum Computing” is new for you that is why I am going to share it with you. Quantum Computing is indeed a new technology based on nanotubes. So that is why generally it is known as Quantum Computing Nanotubes. This technology was developed by Oxford researchers recently in Computer Research and Development Department.

It is admitted fact that researchers in computer field have been in search of fast and more faster computing for many years. Quantum Computing has made it easy. Now a days reputed organizations are taking benefits from it. These organizations are hungry for faster computing and have any eye on latest fast computing.Now “Quantum Computing” has solved their many issues. Oxford researchers have facilitated the computer user with fastest computing technology.

This invention is indeed a design protocol to push filled atoms of buckyballs into black carbon structured atoms and other form of nanotube. These bucky balls are already full of atoms those have a single electron or a single negative charge. This single negative charge is known as quantum bit that is also known as QUBIT. This single charge carries valueable information that has connection with other QUBITS to complete the information.

And this idea has made oxford researcher to develop Quantum Computing. This has made the constancy of a system. It permits various thousands instructions to be executed in matter of nano seconds

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