At CES 2009 pureSilicon demonstrated a series of SSD drives by the name of “Nitro”, which has a capacity of 1 TB. New items are durable and have a lightweight body, made of aluminum and composite materials, and provide data transmission speeds up to 240 Mbps for reading and up to 215 Mbps in the process of recording.

Because of the lack of moving parts of such disks, they have more long-term performance and reliability of data storage than conventional reservoirs.

The new series of 2.5-inch SSD-disk from pureSilicon can be used in servers, data centers, supercomputers and, in general, wherever you want reliable operation with large amounts of information.

SSD-drive is the size of 100.2 x 69.85 x 9.5 mm. Four discs with total capacity of 4 TB in size does not exceed a standard HDD-ROM in 3.5-inch form factor.

It is understandable that first customer of terabyte 1 disc will be the military. Mass production of SSD-disc series of Nitro will start at the 3rd quarter of this year. Price of devices have not yet been announced.

Some more about storage options see Ventrilo

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