More than 40 years passed since the computer mouse has been invented. After this long time, today one renowned research company says that only few years are left when the use of mouse will end up. A Gartner, who is the analyst, said that in the next three to five years the use of computer mouse will end up.

Gestural computer mechanisms will replace the mouse. Touch screens and facial recognition devices are the two examples of the machines in this category.

Steve Prentice said that in the places where desktop systems are being used mouse will remain in use. But for home entertainment or working on the notebook people will prefer to get latest technologies as we early mentioned.

He told BBC News that the new intentions of the consumer electronic company make him to state like that. He said that these companies are making efforts to provide their customers the products with new interactive interfaces inspired by the world of gaming.

 As we know that Panasonic has introduced forward facing video technology in the home entertainment environment. In this release, the conventional remote control is not used. It simply works on the movement of hands; just hold up your hand and make it to do what you want.

This technology recognizes the face of the user and displays on the TV screen the menu to select from. The user can select the option by moving his hand around.

This kind of technology is also being used by Sony, Canon and other major video and photographic manufacturing companies. The technologies being used by them even recognize face expressions in real time. It even has the sense to feel the smile of the user.

One revolutionary creation is the system is the technology which even recognizes emotions of the person. This is called emotive system technology. The user only wears a headset and controls a computer by just thinking in his mind. That device is not yet introduced in the market but expected to be released in the coming September. The technologies like that will make the things smaller in future.

On the other hand, the senior managers of mouse and keyboard manufacturing companies say that all that is greatly exaggerated. Despite of this comment from the responsible persons, it is undeniable that in a near future some technology will definitely replace computer mouse.

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