The world’s cheapest laptop is now available in the market with the model name of Impulse NPX-9000. The MSRP of that laptop is US$130. This is a good offer. The customer may receive some limitations in its hardware capacities but with more advancements; it will hopefully increase the capacities.

Let us see towards its specifications. This laptop has a 7-inch screen. It runs on the Linux operating system. It carries the processor of 400MHz. The ram is of 128 mega bytes with the additional memory storage of 1 GB; which is a flash storage. The system has an optional electronic device of wireless networking. The productivity software, a Web browser and multimedia software are also included in the laptop.

The minimum ordering quantity is determined of 100 pieces. This cheapest laptop could be purchased through online resource of Alibaba site redirects the customer to the online store of Taiwanese company Carapelli Ltd who is the manufacturer of this laptop.

Up till now the cheapest laptop available in the market was One Laptop Per Child’s XO laptop. The MSRP of this laptop is $188. The offer was for the limited time period. When we see towards its technological specifications there are some hardware limitations. The processor was slow and graphic capabilities were limited to some extent.

This laptop was a step towards lowering the PC prices in the market. CherryPal is the company who also releases mini-desktop with the MSRP of $249. This computer is having 400MHz processor. 256 Mega Bytes of RAM is provided with it with the additional 4 Giga Bytes RAM of internal flash storage.

While talking to the IDG News Services, former OLPC CTO Mary Lou Jepsen said that in 2010 their company will bring $75 laptop in the market. She is now running her own newly established company with the name of Pixel Qi. She thinks that the speedily decreasing prices of RAM and other computer components are the main reason in lowering the laptop prices.

The low-cost laptop released for the industrial uses is Asustek Computer’s Eee PC. This model came into the market last year. 350,000 no of pieces were sold in its first quarter. The MSRP for that system was $300. The system was having 800MHz Inter processor and 512 Mega Bytes RAM with additional 2 Giga Bytes of flash storage space.

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