Toshiba’s mobile phone-sized LED projector is not being said to be the smallest projector of time but it could be stated as the lightest one. It weighs only hundred grams, which also includes its battery. It is expected to be available in the market next year. It is having the dimensions of 45mm x 17mm x 100mm. Toshiba hopes that this new device will contribute much in the rising market of electronic products that can take mobile phone media to higher levels.

When we compare the today’s mobile phones with multimedia centers we see that they are more and more functioning as compared to them. But the eye needs extra effort to see them on these mobile phones. Only snaps, short movie clips and games could be easily seen on them.
Pocket-sized mini-projectors, just as the latest one by Toshiba model, will enable people to present demonstrations in a new way. It will allow them to browse their media library in maximum possible size. They would not need being forced to drag around a briefcase having all of the projecting equipment.

The size equation has been superbly determined by using the LED technology. It keeps up battery power. It doesn’t heat up when functioning. This means that it eradicates the need for large, power-consuming fans. The first LED projector ever developed by Toshiba’s was model ff1. It was released in 2006.

This LED mini-projector is exhibited at the start of this month at the IFA exhibition in Berlin. It is scheduled to be launched in a market in 2009. The completed information about its specification or pricing is not available presently. More inside information is coming time to time.

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