At the website of one of Australia’s online stores, there is an unusual product. That is a hard drive from Western Digital with a record high storage capacity of 2 TB. Without any high declaration Western Digital intercepted the initiative of the former leader of capacity Seagate, which has released the first of the world’s high capacity HDD (1.5 TB). Western Digital included energy saving technologies, for example, when necessary, they can switch from a speed of 7200 RPM to 5400 RPM. PCWorld Observers believe that this will, of course, help to save a few watts, but did not affect the hard drive’s performance.

It is anticipated that the new HDD of 2 TB capacity contains four plates of the 500 GB.

With regard to the characteristics of the hard drive WD20EADS, it has a buffer of 32 MB and will be characterized by the average search time of 8.9 ms. During this procedure, speed of the spindle changes from 5400 to 7200 revolutions per minute, thus reducing power consumption. The price of the hard drive will be from $210 to $240.

So far, from all major manufacturers of hard drives, only Samsung can not boast any record of capacity. Hitachi was the first company that issued the hard disk of 1 TB, Seagate terabyte overstepped the first barrier and showed the first HDD of 1.5 TB capacity to the world, a new record for high capacity HDD is made by Western Digital. Without a doubt, competing companies will develop their 2 TB hard drive very soon, and then the struggle for efficiency will also begin.

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