It looks computer manufacturing companies are now exhausted and being leaving to introduce unique model names. X360 is the big example of that. It is brought out by Samsung. This may confuse the customers (with less knowledge about laptops ), who are having interest towards purchasing an Xbox 360 or X300 series Lenovo laptop.

Samsung was exhibiting its fresh laptop in IFA in Berlin with strong perception taken from Apple’s Macbook Air. The company advertized its fresh model as “fully featured and lighter than air”. When we see at it we come to know that both of the claims appear to be true with the X360. It has been given the title of the world’s lightest 13.3-inch laptop. It is light weighted having just 2.8lb (1.27kg). It is lower than the previous light weighted model of Macbook Air’s, which weighed 3lbs, (1.36kg). It is fully featured having three USB ports, HDMI & VGA out, PCI ExpressCard/34 slot, a 7-in-1 memory card reader, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Ethernet socket and a 128 gigabyte SSD.

Other features include an incorporate 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR and an Intel Centrino 2 processor. The 13.3-inch display is of the LED form. This ensures a long time battery life from 6 to10 hrs after a single charging. The laptop is manufactured of a magnesium metal casing. It is having a groomed aluminum plate on the liquid crystal display back. The company will release this unit in a variety of colors. Samsung didn’t determine the dimensions of the laptop.

The X360 will be available in the market from September, 2008. The MSRP for this unit would be approximately US$2200. The detail information revealing more of its features is available on the official site of Samsung. You can visit it.

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