For hundreds of years, human being has been making dams on rivers and streams to grind grain. They also has been using it to produce generate electricity also. The scientists are going to make a new and more distinctive form of freshwater power. It will make its debut in Vandergrift, Penn which is also known as the old steel town.They will make it by making use of a grid of electricity-generating smart materials. They will establish them on the bottom of the Kiskiminetas River. It will be having full organization of energy conservation efforts. Vandergrift is likely to fulfill between 20 and 40 percent of the city center’s electric power needs.

Vandergrift will be the model green town. This was stated by Lisa Weiland – scientist at the University of Pittsburgh. He is included in the team working on this project.

Vandergrift is situated at northeast of Pittsburgh. Before now it was said to be the model steel town. But presently, as Weiland tells, it is making over itself and trying for sustainability.

That sustainable power will probably generate from a grid of rolling strips. These would be constructed of polyvinylidene fluoride or PVDF. This is a material that produces a slight electrical current. It produces it when it is moved by the currents and whirlpools produced in the Kiskiminetas River.

These materials are named as piezoelectric. The produced electrical current generated from them would go by to small substations. It will move along the river’s edge before charging a number of batteries arranged in a single unit form.

There are some other materials also that can result in a better form. They can produce higher energy densities. This was said by Weiland. But we want to endure the loss of a little power to keep the ecosystem functioning.

The Kiskiminetas River is widely known by the name of the Kiski. It is about 40 yards broad where it crosses Vandergrift.

Weiland presently decides to lay a grid having a width of 30 yards and a length of approximately a mile. It is planned to establish it down on the river bed to help power the city.

The exact details are not currently available. The information is yet to come about density of the grid, length of the PVDF strips and the time to lay down the grid. The work is going on them.

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