The final plans will not affect the health and appearance of the Kiski. The researchers ensured that they will keep them all. This includes fishing, canoe trips and other recreational activities going on there.Christopher Lynch who is a smart materials researcher working in the University of California, Los Angeles. He says that this is the first freshwater hydroelectric power project of its specific design and form.

Normally freshwater energy is generated from damming a river. It is attained by flooding large areas behind the dam. This is said by Lynch.

That produces plenty of pressure to move a turbine. It then generates electric power.

It’s the most result oriented method to get the river’s energy. At the same time it also has ecological consequences of intensive nature.

Weiland’s method is not able to produce as much electric power as created by a hydroelectric dam. But the good thing is that it would keep the river intact and healthy.

All of these facts are very interesting about that plan. This is said by Lynch.

In the future, the big percentage of energy will be generated from rivers, ocean waves and streams. These sources will be an important segment of the future power generations.

Weiland’s smart materials project is the first step towards developing Vandergrift from steel town to green town. It is the small part of the larger series of projects.

The electric power consumption is being tried to reduce. This is being achieved by introducing a farmer’s market, solar panels, and education programs on energy conservation.

The good results would be achieved if all of above mentioned efforts went successful. Weiland guesses a PVDF-based smart materials grid would be able to produce as much as 40 percent of the whole town’s electricity needs.

The thing needed is the cooperation and motivation of the town. These factors are required to reach that destination point. This was stated by Weiland.

Weiland also stated that such type of smart technologies can play a big role in helping us working on the way [towards sustainability].

But the whole target can not be achieved through them.

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