The news comes of wind-tunnel test. This test was made on experimental satellite propulsion system; in which satellite uses the earth’s magnetic force to move around the earth instead of chemical propellants. In the experiment the experimental satellite exploded with the flying hot metal pieces.

Despite of this failure of experiment, NASA-funded machine was improved to much better form; representing the new satellite discovery influencing physics and economics of satellite.The plan is to create millions of tiny satellites (equal to corn kernel size or even much smaller in size)

Mason Peck – scientist of Cornell University and co-author of the research work published on – said this explosion doesn’t cast any big physical or financial damage or loss.
After this trial, Peck and his fellow scientists – who are working in University of Michigan and State University of New York, Binghamton – have successfully tested another propulsion system.

This experiment and its results have not been announced yet. It is said that this new system could increase the speed of satellite to four and a half miles per second. Peck and his fellow scientist also said that this newly invented machine will make the satellite mission more affordable and feasible in future. Peck also said that in this way millions of things could be launched in space; if one of them reached the real destination it would be a success of mission.

Propellant-less satellite works on the much like Tele Vision. In the same way as the gun at TV back shoots negatively charged electron and as these electrons move towards the viewer; magnet changes its direction. In this case, a satellite works as electron; it moves around the magnetic field which is earth. As the satellites started circling around the earth it also started taking the influence of a new force, which is Lorentz force.

This force pushes it to the angle perpendicular to its movement direction. In this movement, the satellite would take a little from earth’s energy for its movement.

“The Earth would essentially push the satellite along,” said Peck.

The difference between this newly introduced system and EDT – Electro Dynamic Tether – is that tether has to be aligned and focused in a specific direction; whereas in this new system it would not be necessary.

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