Philips has introduced the new HD15 system. This is a mid-range multi-purpose ultrasound system. This is advance in system and possesses more capabilities than its earlier models.

This new system is featuring multiple usability functionalities to improve workflow. The HD15 is also having diverse type of capabilities which works for a wide range of exam types. This includes imaging, cardiac, vascular and OB/GYN applications. The system includes some latest features also. Contrast enhanced ultrasound and PureWave transducer technology are two of them. The users can use these features in performing real-time guidance and in the evaluation process of minimally-invasive treatment. This technology provides better results while diagnosing challenging patients and pathologies. This will increase the confident on diagnosing results.

QLAB quantification software, XRES image processing and PureWave transducer crystal technology are the three advance technologies introduced by Philips in this system. These technologies are integrated with the HD15. This is a richly featured system for the clinicians, which is easy to operate and increases productivity. More clearly defined images and also tissue uniformity with better quality throughout the field are attainable through New Microfine EX focusing technology. All this was made possible by the applications of advance dynamic receive lens. These lenses were tuned with five times more focal points as compared to the previous technologies in the same category.

Tissue Specific Imaging presets and iSCAN one button image optimization are the two functions which provide images without any confusion to read. This includes great combination of configurable patient reports and exam storage options. DVD-CD-R/RW, USB drive, and full DICOM capabilities are some of them. These functions make the patient data management more efficient in addition to the better colleague or specialist consulting.

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