Researchers have developed a new advance method in organic chemistry regarding storing energy from the sunlight. The advantage of this advancement is that it would render a cheapest way towards producing electric power. The cost was considered as the top most issue in the energy generation process from sun light. Now it is much resolved by this method.

The chief role in this method is played by a newly developed catalyst. It is developed by Daniel Nocera, who is a professor of chemistry at MIT. This catalyst works to generate oxygen from water by breaking the bonds of water molecules. As a result of this reaction hydrogen ions are freed forming a hydrogen gas. The catalyst is simple and easy to produce in a very low cost. By making use of it big amount of hydrogen gas could be produced by taking sunlight to power the reaction. This hydrogen can be stored and used when the sunlight is not available. It can be later on burned or passes through a fuel cell to produce electric power when needed.

This method is feasible to work whole of the time but limitations are only with the solar cells because their efficiency persists for few hours a day. In these hours they are at the peak of their power generation process. Before this invention the method of using sunlight to split water after storing solar power in the form of hydrogen, was not practically feasible for two main reasons. First of all the proposed method required too much power to carry on that process and secondly the previous catalysts were too expensive to make and prepared by extremely rare source materials raising their preparation costs.

Nocera’s inventions will render key information to other chemical research groups working on developing artificial photosynthesis process. They are experimenting to develop a process by which plants use sunlight to split water and produce energy from it.

Karsten Meyer who is a professor of chemistry at Friedrich Alexander University, in Germany regarded this discovery as crucially innovative one.

He said that by this invention most of the researchers will be stopped working who were engaged in developing such a techniques. He further said that this could also be regarded as the most important and biggest discovery in the field of solar power.

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