The manufacturing cost of insert and outsert would be $20,000 and $8 million. It is expected that both of them will survive about 100 pulses and 10,000 pulses respectively. The force is very much high and each time it pulses it bends the copper and silver wires. The forceful pulses create tiny cracks in the metal. The cracks created in the copper move into the silver wires and there they stop.

It is similar to the reinforced concrete. That was stated by Boebinger.
The copper material is strong and tough similar to the concrete. The silver is just as the steel bars present in the concrete, which gives flexibility to it.

The inner and outer magnets can collectively create 90 teslas.
Telis is a unit of magnetic flux density; it measures the pulling force of a magnetic field. Even one tesla is having power in it. The Earth’s magnetic field is approximately 50 microteslas. An average MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine is having the magnetic field ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 teslas.

The scientists are hoping to develop more powerful electromagnet within few months. They will succeed in achieving the targeting goal of 100 teslas through it. This will neither be the first 100-tesla electromagnet nor technically be the world’s most powerful magnet. Electromagnets having magnetic force of 1,000 teslas have already been created in history. The significant thing about this new electromagnet will be that it would be the world’s first reusable 100-tesla magnet.

New materials would work for the high definition MRI scans or power lines in future; one example of these materials is iron oxyarsenide. These materials do not waste energy in the form of heat. This will save millions of dollars of the consumers which goes void each year.
At last, this new electromagnet will break as a result of the incredible pressures. This will be intensively forceful breakage.

The building would have to be evacuated before turning the magnet on. This was said by Boebinger. The disassembly of a magnetic will make a resonant sound.

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