Scientists are working on to build the most powerful electromagnet of the world. The strongest known materials are being used to make this magnet. This magnet will not blow up a split second after it’s turned on.

The whole magnet will be having coil sets in it. The entire magnet will weight approximately 18,000 pounds. The power will be given by jolts; the energy will be generated through massive 1,200-megajoules motor generators. You can imagine the power of that magnet by this thing that after activation, it would be approximately two million times more powerful as compared to the average magnet fitted in the refrigerator.

The work on this new magnet is going at the High Field Lab. It is a fantastic leap forwards in material exploration. It will increase the capabilities of a scientific community to find out materials which could persist under extreme conditions. This was said by Ian Fisher, who is a scientist at Stanford University.

In many cases the scientists need to go to these sorts of extreme levels in order to understand the nature and behavior of the materials fundamentally, which are used in high-temperature superconductors and other applications. This was told by Fisher.
The electromagnet is having two main parts. The outer part or section will be a cylinder. It will be having a diameter and length of 1.5 meter (4.9 feet). It will be a solid body except for a small hole. The size of the small hole (width wise) will be less than 8 inches and will be at the middle of cylinder.

At the inner side of that hole there are nine coils which are made of copper. These coils are strengthened with silver wire. These two materials – copper and silver – combine to create the material with maximum strength possible today. This was told by Greg Boebinger who is presently the Director of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Florida. The magnet has passed most of its completion stage. That work is being done at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The pressure produced inside the insert is measured to be equal to the pressure if two hundred dynamite sticks are fired together. It could also be explained by that it is equal to the thirty times of the pressure at the bottom of the sea. This is an intense pressure. Very few materials can face these forces for long time. The same thing is with the new magnet.

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