Dash Technology developed by orthopedic implant company Smith & Nephew has been used in first commercial non-experimental orthopedic (knee replacement) surgery in Asia with the aid of an iPod Touch by Arun Mullaji.  The operation was performed at Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. Arun Mullaji is a specialist in computer-aided knee replacement surgery.

Arun performed thi knee replacement surgery on 75 years old  Mr. Gulab Singvi a resident of Prabhadevi using an iPod Touch. Gulab Singvi  is the first patient to have opted for the pioneering technique for the knee replacement surgery. Singhvi was able to walk by 3 PM the same day.

The Dash Smart Instrument system enables the iPod Touch to connect wirelessly (by Wi-Fi) to a camera that emits an infrared beam. The iPod Touch, in turn, is attached to miniature instruments. The surgeon positions these instruments by reading the data on the iPod’s high-resolution screen, to accurately cut the bone to place the new joint. The surgeon can thus determine the exact alignment of the leg and the new joint on the screen of the iPod Touch.

The orthopedic implants done by this technology process are known to last longer and have better functionalities. Additionally, the surgeries done by the Dash technology are known to be more quicker, and affordable, along with it being easy for the surgeon-in charge to operate. It also accounts for being minimally non-invasive. All instructions required for the surgeon to smoothly function are fed on the iPod.

The Dash technology has gained approval from the CE, the European medical authorizing body. This technology will be made available in 35 hospitals globally, 10 hospitals in UK, 10 in the United States,  and five in India will be equipped with the setup this year. Yet the technology is currently waiting for an approval from the FDA

Dash Technology Pics


You can see Dash Technology in Action in the Video Below

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