Adjustable beds are usually used in hospitals to serve patients to change their positions. They help them in rising with least effort and help. Now Charles Filipi who is a surgeon at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska worked to make it more advance. He strived to take them a step further, literally.

He says that many weighty patients are asked to take exercise daily. This exercise is a part of their treatment. But a lot of staff is required to make them into a standing position to get started. And additionally finding a treadmill for them to take them into exercise can also be time taking activity.

New Exercise Bed For Patients

For that, Filipi proposes fixing the treadmill into the hospital bed. When not being used the treadmill goes into a vertical position at the end of the bed (the image illustrates it).
When the patient desires to make an exercise, the bed tardily moves into the right angle position. It establishes the treadmill onto the ground in a ready position. It means a patient can always use the treadmill easily without anybody’s assistance.

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