Weather forecasters would now be able to predict in advance with more precision that when and where heavy rainfalls are expected. This development was made during the research work which started after heavy destruction of floods in the last summer which affected large parts of England.

Met Office gave the statement and claimed that this scientific development would now make it possible to predict floods one day more before. Not only this but additionally it would tell about the areas to be affected by flood; it would also be predicted with greater geographical precision, better than before.

National weather service of UK is trying to make a team which would be comprised of specialist forecasters. This team will make use of this new technology and warn the organizations earlier and inform them about the upcoming disastrous flood. This information would be useful for the emergency responders and other professionals relating the flood monitoring agencies.

Paul Davies who is the extreme rainfall service manager of the Met Office says that the weather forecasts and alerts which were provided to the emergency responders in the last summer were very accurate and timely.

The destruction in the last summer flood directed the attention of the agencies more towards providing better forecasting updates. Met Office started transferring the science and technology more quickly so that the future challenges could be faced in a better way.

Pamel Taylor who is the chief executive of Water UK says that his organization welcomes the new developments presented by Met Office. He said that such type of disastrous incidents affects the water industry and customers very seriously and it is the need of time to advance quickly in this technology.

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