Scientists at Tokyo University in collaboration with Toyota Corporation have developed a regular household robot “Home Assistant Robot” (HAR). In contrast to the “recreational” development, to show the possibilities of modern cybernetics, the robot could be useful in everyday life. He can do simple work at home, for example, wipe the floor, washing, cleaning dishes and even move the furniture. HAR robot moves on two chassis (plus extra wheels for stability), it is equipped with 5 cameras and laser sensors, this 6 Handed robot is equipped with 3 joints (as a human hand) and have an impressive freedom of movement, HAR has a total of 3 fingers on each hand. According to the press release, this artificial intelligent robot is capable of learning, including its own mistakes. By one time charging the Home Assistant Robot can operate from 30 to 60 minutes, it can be purchased in 1st quarter of 2009 at a cost of about $ 10,000.

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