nec-robotSince electronic money becoming more popular in the Japan, various reading devices like FeliCa RFID, supporting different types of e-currency, appearing in stores and in vending machines are built. The company introduced the NEC payment terminal FeliCa, in the form of robot’s real size. This robot was presented at a recent exhibition iEXPO in Tokyo. Mass production and application of the robot can begin very soon, because the technology already is fully elaborated. The company NEC expects its robot will be installed at amusement parks. It will sell tickets for entry to visitors who will have phones with the function to pay the robot, the user needs to select the correct icon of electronic money on the touch screen installed on the robot’s chest, and then hold the phone over a reader device embedded in the left arm of robot.

The robot can be programmed to transfer electronic coupons and other data on the user’s phone after the payment occurs. Among other possibilities the robot can use the camera for the purpose of recognizing and identifying visitors to the park. In this case, the robot will be able to recommend certain types of attractions, starting from the age and visitor statistics. It is not clear whether any amusement park is going to hire a new robot. If not, the NEC can simply install robot Fingerprint bots on the border for immigration controls and to collect biometric data of foreigners in Japan.


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