Yasunori  Yamada a Student of Masters and his engineering team, from the University of Tokyo has developed a musculoskeletal systems of animals called PIGORASS during a robotics study.  This robot can walk, jump and even gallop.  Galloping is a state where all four feet are not touching the ground at the same time.

Team members  who worked on PIGORASS robot are Yasunori Yamada, Satoshi Nishikawa, Kazuya Shida and Yasuo Kuniyoshi at the ISI Lab (Intelligent Systems and Informatics Lab), the same lab that brought the jumping robot Mowgli and the running Athlete Robot.

Using ABS Resin and carbon fiber reinforced plastic, Yasunori  Yamada and his team combined this with 10 pneumatic muscles and 10 spring muscles to create PIGORASS.  The robot is not pre programmed for specific movements, but rather knows what to do based on feedback from it’s own neural network.  Each muscle has a neural oscillator that makes up the network.

Modern era advanced robots (like Honda’s Asimo) can only move in a slow, chopping motion and the way the PIGORASS robot works is pretty impressive.

The idea of making this kind of robot is to understand better the mechanisms underlying the animal’s locomotor skills and how to apply them in robots and capture the important features of animals’ musculoskeletal system in order to realize the embodiment of the neural system as descried by Yasunori  Yamada in his report.

PIGORASS Robot Images

See What PIGORASS Robot can do in this Video


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