Robotics is the technology and sciences of robots; it is all about their design, manufacture, and application. Robotics requires knowledge of software, mechanics and electronics. A person working in this,is a roboticist.

The robotics are mechanical, from structural point of view (kinematic chain: Like human body structure). The chain (bones) is composed of links, its muscles called actuators it’s its joints allow it to move in more than one degree of freedom.
Most of the robots uses serial chain structure (connected to the one after another), these kinds of robots that uses serial chain structure called (due to their structure)the serial robots that actually resemble with the human arm. The capabilities and appearance of many robots are different in differen sense. E.g. Stewart platform uses parallel kinematic chains mechanism.

Structures like animals,insects are rarley used. The development of these kind of structures is an area of research called biomechanics.

Components of Robots
The actuators are called the muscles of a robot; these are the parts of a robot which actually converts the stored energy into movement. These actuators are actually motors and can use electrical power, compressed air or use chemicals.

Air Muscles
It is a power full device for providing pulling force to robots, used in muscles of robots to be it shorten,faty thin and long.

Majority of robots uses electrical motors (DC Motors), these can spin forward and backward depends on how electric current passed to them.

Stepper Motor:
These kinds of motors spin in steps under the command and control of the controller; these motors do not spin smothly and freely as DC motors.

Piezo Motors
These motors are called ultrasonic motors, these widely used in legs for vibrating thousands of times per second. These motors are high in speed, power and resolution.

Electroactive Polymers
This is a kind of plastic which can change its shape in response to the electric current provided to it. It can bend, stretch and contract. It is used in many robots, but still under development to made it better and powerful ones.

Such kind of nanotube technology is still under development, it will allow the upcomming robots to run faster and jump.

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