Robots Manipulation
The Robots require moving its body parts to affect the objects, such as they can lift objects, change objects, and destroy objects. Here I will define the hands and arms of a robot. The hands are called effectors and the arms are called manipulators.
Robots use different kinds of strength grippers. Vacuum type, Simple type and Effectors.

Vacuum Grippers
These kinds of grippers can hold very large amount of loads.
Simple Grippers
This kind of gripper is used to hold small objects and have less force than vacuum grippers.
e.g. The grip of two fingers.

In some advanced type of robots the human kinds of hands are used. E.g. the shadow hand which is developed by a company in London, this is very advanced kind of hand, currently NASA is using it. It has many tactile sensors for the movement of hand parts.
Act of Movement or Locomotion
Robots movement can be rotational or they can walk like humans.

Rotational Movement Robots or Rolling Robots
Robots rotational movement can be implemented by wheels (two or four wheels).The devices that have two wheels can not be considered robots but can be thought of as components of robots. These devices use some kind of balancing algorithms.
Some of the researchers in the “Carnegie Mellon University” developed a mobile robot that can balance itself on a single urethane coated metal sphere; it is about 65 pounds in weight. The named it “Ballot”.
The robot used by NASA, it has tank like structure and have tracks is called Urban Robot also named Urbie.

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