SilverLight is the enhanced version of ASP.NET AJAX. SilverLight want to compete with Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Java FX, and Apple QuickTime etc. Now we can develop the more users friendly and rich web applications in ASP.NT. SilverLight Applications look more closly to the Desktop Application (DA).

SilverLight provide us help to develop apps with:

  1. Customize buttons, textboxes, labels, forms and panels etc.


  2. Animated Asp.Net Application. E.g.


  3. User Friendly Charts for large organizations.


  4. Image Sliders etc.


  5. Efficient use of bandwidth.

Installation procedure:


Download and install the

Microsoft SilverLight 1.1 Tools Alpha for Visual Studio 2008


Alpha tool is an add-on for the VS 2008. After installation open the VS 2008 and click on the New Project and then click on the Visual C#. You will see 2 options ‘SilverLight Project’ and SilverLight Class Library. Now you can develop the SilverLight Project or Class Library for SilverLight Project.

SilverLight SDK (Software Development Kit):


Download the documentation or visit online. If u want to download the documentation and download the Microsoft SilverLight 1.0 Software Development Kit

Sample Projects:


Videos, online SilverLight project (with documentation). Simple download the project and documentation and start develop the next generation application from today.

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