Xeros is a well-known electronic company. It has been the big manufacturer of some of the remarkable innovations and graphic artists of present age. Its new product, which we are going to talk about, is also big invention. The whole world will almost definitely rate this creation equal to any previous creations by any document system manufacturing company.

The preparation of detailed brochures and flyers with special folds is a costly process. It is also very demanding and time-consuming. This latest technology by the company is great. It uses 3-D software. Through this you can take a view of the whole layout of a piece before getting it into printing process. This is designed to eliminate some of the bottlenecks, which were there for a long time in the printing process increasing its cost. It will also save time and speed up the document preparation and approval procedure. The process being adopted costs six dollars for every one dollar costing on the print job itself. This was told by InfoTrends. With this new 3-D visualization software by Xerox, users can view the final printing form before processing. All of the printing aspects like texture, gloss, folds, binding and all others. This is performed without using any ink or toner to paper.

This 3-D visualization will also prevent mistakes and re-processing high costs. Rob Rolleston told this, who is a research manager at Xerox’s Research Center Webster. By seeing the final result before it is printed can eradicate many possible errors. This includes orientation, cutting, or even how any image will be displayed on the page. This costs much during the first time print.
The objective of this collaborative work which is carried out in all Xerox research centers located in New York and California is to help customers in understanding all the options available to them.

The company knows that the customer needs it while walking into a print shop or submitting print jobs through the Web. 3-D document visualization displays a tour of the required print requirement of each customer. The program shows customer by flipping through a color flip book. It opens and folds his greeting card as it would be in real form. This is a demonstration, showing how it will come out upon completion. Rolleston tells that this software enables users to develop new and interesting documents. There is no need to have vocabulary or the knowledge about the technology of the printing industry at all.

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