has started testing a redesign of its retail website, the testing began last week and will continue to be rolled out to additional customers, but a full launch date is still not announced. These changes are expected to make Amazon’s site more easier to use and to navigate on a tablet computer. Seattle based Amazon is expected to introduce a tablet computer in coming weeks.

The redesigned Amazon home page, is less cluttered than the old one. There are only few buttons, more white space and a bigger search box on the newly rolled out front page. In new design the wish list and shopping cart are easier to get to and more intuitive. Amazon says the redesign will feature more digital contents such as apps, digital games, ebooks and MP3s — all products suited for tablet visitors

The redesigned site will be the default homepage for both tablet and PC visitors, only those who are browsing from a smartphone would see something different – a mobile-optimized site for devices.

The New Redesigned Page will be like the image below

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