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ClimaWare is a innovative temperature controlled apparel technology invented by Kranthi Kiran Vistakula, a Chemical Engineering graduate from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  and  CEO of Dhama Innovations located near Hyderabad city, the capital of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Vistakula has been awarded “the Innovator of the year (2010)” by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Young Entrepreneur of the year (2010) by Business World. Dhama Apparel is an incubated start up and also funded by Government of India under the Technoprenure Promotion Program.  Dhama Innovations is a revolutionary technology embedded products and systems development company that has, for the first time in the world, developed an innovative Globally Patented CryothermicTM Nanotechnology called ClimaCon®.

ClimaWare consists of a  thermoelectric heat sink device called a Peltier plate, which consists of a junction between two different metals. Forcing an electric current across that junction causes the metal on one side to heat up, and the metal on the other side to cool down. The device can go from zero to 100 degrees C in the push of a button,it has four levels of heating and four levels of cooling that include low, medium, high and very high.”  The device is powered by rechargeable batteries which can be recharged anywhere by a car charger or even solar panels. They can last up to eight hours on one charge.

Image Source: Dhamainnovations Website

Started with the climate-controlled jacket, which weighs a little more than 1kg, has been successfully tested by the army in Siachen glacier where temperatures are as low as -40C in winter. There is potential medical application for ClimaWare technology. Mr. Vistakulu and his team is working on a product called Haemosave which can freeze blood oozing out of a wound. It is described as a potential life saver. It uses cryo or ice therapy to stop the blood flow and contract the blood vessels.

Other medical products include knee, neck wraps and elbow wraps. These devices can go instantly from 0C to 50C and help in controlling pain.

Mr Vistakula’s company, Dhama Innovations, is now developing a range of other products using the same technology including neck wraps, shoes, and bike helmets, as well as knee and elbow packs. ClimaWare technology is available in a range of ‘never-seen-before’ products and systems for Personal Use, Armed Forces, Healthcare and Industrial Usage.

The armies of India, the United Kingdom and the United States are its biggest buyers, and the company has grown three times in valuation since it was founded 4 years ago in January 2008.

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