The company UPEK, which specializes in biometric remedies based fingerprinting, announced the start of sales of a product called Eikon To Go. Previously, the company supplied the Eikon To Go devices to its corporate customers only.

Novelty is a mobile fingerprint sensor. According to the company, Eikon To Go is the first consumer device in its category and the first fingerprint sensor, supporting new versions of Mac OS. Remember, in the form of integrated modules such solutions are already available for quite a long time and are widely used in laptops. Now this device will enable the users of PCs and notebooks to protect your system without embedded sensors.
access to sensitive data or launch specific applications by simply holding your finger on the scanner.

It is important that the sensor has no stored samples of fingerprints. Instead, the memory device contains the results of mathematical processing, which is necessary and sufficient for identification. According to the company, this eliminates the risk of cloning the footprints and increases the degree of protection.

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