Justin Chaffer, Product Manager at Facebook revealed in a blog post about the changes that millions of Facebook users will be experiencing in the next few days. Facebook has changed the photos, Photos are now bigger in size and faster in loading, Facebook will now  show photos on a clean white background (it was black previously).  Uploaded images will be bigger Now (720 pixels to 960 pixels, they load twice as fast, and they are shown in a higher resolution. Till now more than 250 million photos have been uploaded to Facebook.

You’ll start to notice the larger size as you upload new photos to Facebook or browse new photo albums from your friends. Older photos will remain in the previous maximum size of 604 pixels.

All uploads on Facebook.com will support the new photo size, but uploads made from some external applications may continue to use the previous size. The larger photo size is launching gradually over the next few days, so you may not notice a difference right away.

Here’s what the new photo experience looks like:

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