Murphy told that we used the atomic clock for the first time in astronomy; the reason is the precision of their functioning. We are expecting great openings of new researches in a field of astronomy by this. This will enable scientists to perform and get which was a dream in the past.The technology needs many improvements and in future it will be enhanced. It will get more precise in calibration of the spectrographs to record changes. It will record them in even velocity of one centimeter/sec in the optical range with absolute accuracy and precision.

Murphy is a member of a team working for a project designated for the European Southern Observatory’s designed 42-meter diameter European Extremely Large Telescope.

It is being expected that this telescope would measure the expansion of the universe by observing the redshift movement throughout a period of next twenty years.

If any object in space is moving away from an observer, its light will be stretched towards the reddish part of the spectrum. This effect is called as “redshift”.

Some other scientists also reviewed on this development. Tamara Davis said that this development is exciting news for all researchers because it opened up many possibilities for future space research. She is an astrophysicist at University of Queensland.

She says currently we can only observe the expansion of the universe in “snapshots” with measurements taken at different times.

This technology will enable human being to get a “movie” of a galaxy’s evolution in real time.

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