On Wednesday Nissan displayed latest safety technology discovered by the company engineers. It will be used in vehicles to enhance the safety measures. That will emit a warning sound beep if drivers turn sharply or changes its direction abruptly into the path of danger. It works abruptly and actively makes an effort to move the car towards the safe direction. This technology will be released soon in the market.

It is a brake-resistance device. The company representative said that a car having the device installed on it would try to prevent the driver from changing tracks. For example it will work if it found a car zooming up from behind about which the driver is ignorant.

Motorists will be still given the manually operating power to deter in a danger situation. But a test drive made on Wednesday in which a car was featured with the device caused the brakes to vibrate when danger was detected. This was to give signals about little doubt for which the car was thinking safe situation.

He said that despite of this fully operating device we always wanted that the driver should be given the final control. This was said by an engineer at an annual safety product demonstration ceremony organized at Oppama facility in Yokosuka, an area near Tokyo.

Nissan has set a goal of minimizing accidental deaths and other serious type of injuries involving its vehicles to the half of the level it was 20 years ago. They are determined to achieve this target by the year 2015. In the next plan they will finally eradicate them entirely.

This is not the first time Nissan is introducing such type of technology in its vehicles. The company has already introduced some devices in their “virtual bumper” concept of presentations. One of them has already been introduced in some Nissan cars. This keeps the drivers inside a lane and also helps them in keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front with visual and audible sound warnings.

The Nissan Company is determined to make more advancement in that concept. With this new brake-resistance device the safety technology will help in preventing side and rear collisions. This new device would be hopefully introduced in some luxury models in a near future.

Nissan is the Japan’s third biggest car company. Not only for cars but it is also making systems to protect pedestrians from accidents. They are working on Global positioning system (GPA) for that. In this the signals from mobile phones are used to warn motorists about pedestrian’s presence.

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