Opera Unite Model
Long awaited re-invention of web by Opera Software by “Opera Unite” announced on June 16′ 2009 is a unique technology. It turns desktop computer or any other device running Opera Browser, into a Web server. In other words, the computer (with Opera Unite installed) is truly a part of the fabric of the Web.This is what anyone can use. Everyday non technical users can share content and services directly from their own computers in the form of intuitive applications by using Opera Unite services.

Developers can develop applications (Opera Unite services) which will directly link people’s personal computers together, so that they can connect with one or more of their friends at the same time. All these tricks will happen through the browser, so no need to install additional software. Opera Unite made it easier to have communication which was only possible by using hosted services in client server environment as you can see in video below. It will work wherever Opera works (Windows, Mac, Linux). It will also support mobile phones and other devices in near future. Opera Unite will redefine what’s possible with Web applications, and Opera invites you to join in moving beyond the limitations.

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